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The KAM Origin Story


I was working as a preventive medicine doctor keeping healthy patients healthy and getting sick patients better.  I used lifestyle change as my main medical approach but also supplements and prescriptions as needed.  Corporate wellness was taking off then and my approach was a good fit for it.  So, I saw patients and employees.  I started working with some sports medicine procedures at the time, primarily using platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to grow cartilage in patient’s joints to alleviate or resolve arthritis.  PRP or the Vampire lift used alone or with micro needling has become one of the fastest growing elements of aesthetic med.  I also started doing Botox injections and fillers at that time.  I  also used deoxycholic acid to dissolve fat for body sculpting. This product would later become Allergan’s kybella® treatment used to reduce fat under the chin.  

The tough part of prevention med is getting people to make lifestyle changes.  It often felt like I was swimming upstream convincing patients to make and hold on to those changes.  

By an odd series of events I ended up a medical director of a Scottsdale Med Spa that did body sculpting.  As a prevention med Doc, I could only get patients and employee groups to make about 10% of the lifestyle changes they needed.  When I would have the same lifestyle conversation with patients that had a body sculpting procedure, I could get close to 50% of our happy aesthetic patients to make the lifestyle changes!  That was an amazing shift.    

People need that initial boost to make the time and emotional commitment for lifestyle changes.  The greatest thing about aesthetic procedures is how it helps patients re-engage life with renewed confidence so suddenly eating better and working out are easier.   We see this exciting boost in patients from facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, hair transplants…everything we do.  Whether you are interested in aesthetics or more to make you look, feel, and be healthier: I have dedicated most of my medical career to helping you be the absolute best you can be.  This is what we do at krch Med Spa.  

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