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COVID-19 Update

We wash our hands before and after every patient. We wipe down all contact surfaces between patients. We wear masks when we have a cold, allergies, or other simple respiratory illness. We wear gloves and do not touch our faces. We change gloves between patients or more frequently if we touch a surface or face.

Is this our response to Covid-19? No. At krch Aesthetic Medicine, we call this “every day!” Taking these precautions did not start with this virus. It is a deep concern for your health and safety and long consistent in our care for you.

You also wait in your car and text us when you arrive. We will text you when we can take you directly back so no time in the waiting area.

We keep you safe all the time. If you are safe to come in, we will keep you safe. Any patients with fever or respiratory symptoms, we ask that you stay home. We stay at home when we are sick. Just always let us know and we will reschedule you.

If you are interested in Dr. Krch’s immune protocol which will reduce your risk of infections of all types and a boost of your body’s strong natural defenses, let us know. We will need to review your current meds, and any new medications or supplements you may have started and let us know if you have any new medical conditions or current symptoms. If you have severe respiratory symptoms or fever, get to your primary care doctor, urgent care, or ER.

We are currently reviewing when we can safely resume clinic hours and will keep you posted. In the meantime, we will have some amazing specials on procedures.