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NeoGraft - Mike

NeoGraft - Mike


I've always been able to control everything as far as my body goes, working out, diet, things like that. But one thing that you really don't have control over is the amount of hair that you've got on top of your head. So, just for the confidence level of keeping a youthful appearance is important to me.

I really didn't think that I needed it. I have noticed over the past year that the hair was starting to thin a little bit, and I was starting to be able to see the crown of my head, and it was time.

I went to a couple of consultations. I felt comfortable. I liked all the new technologies being used.The technicians that you set me up with have a lot of experience, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

Challenge wise, just not picking at it, I guess. There was a little bit of swelling, but sleeping, sitting up for 48 hours was kind of a challenge.


But that's really it.


I mean, it was pretty simple.


Able to move around. I just went about my normal routine.