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krch Aesthetic Medicine Spider Vein IPL in North Central Phoenix

krch Aesthetic Medicine Spider Vein IPL in North Central Phoenix

Hey, everyone. One of the great things about the Venus Versa machine is its treatment of a spider maintenance. Back in April of last year, I started a little bit of spider vein treatment and we followed up in October. These are not the ideal intervals. We should have been treating every three to four weeks after the initial treatment, but it's a busy clinic so we only work this in when we can. But today is my third followup on these spider veins that are occurring down in the arches of my feet.

I'll show you some befores because there has been significant progress, but definitely we can do some more here too. But we're going to be treating these areas in here, on my left foot and then some areas here. If you look at the earlier pictures in my right arch, there was a lot more spider veins in this area. We're going to come back and do those. Just kind of marking out the area so I have some good indications here and good. Then what I'm going to do next is gel up as part of the procedure. That's just getting some gel on there so that we can start our laser therapy.

We got all gelled up here and ready to go. I've got my safety goggles on, my stylish safety goggles on, and we're ready to go. I'm going to grab the head of the IPL machine, going to double check my readings. That's everywhere we want to be. I'm going to go ahead and engage here. You'll see some bright lights and we're going to start to work on some of these little spider veins, see if we can get them to finally go away here. What we're looking for, after we flash them with this very powerful beam of light, is for them to either blanch a little bit, turn white or darker gray.

Sometimes they'll turn more purple or they'll turn black. Those could be end points that we're looking when we're treating these. Here we go. I'm going to place this on the first location here, and sometimes we can hit these spots a couple of times. Okay. There's a sensation when you see that flash of light. It feels like a little rubber band, maybe kind of stinging the skin a little bit. Not bad at all, especially in this kind of area that's a little bit sensitive here. We're going to keep moving around, again I feel that little bit of a sting there. Always a little pain in getting beautiful here. Getting these veins.

That was our last flash and what I'm doing is just looking for some of these end points. Like I said, when you should see some blanching, a whitening of the veins, or in this case what we're seeing is a little bit more darkening of the veins. That means that the light has sought out the structure in the veins and has kind of obliterated that. What will happen is these will continue to darken over the next few days, probably from three to seven days, they'll start to resolve.

Again, a darkening would be the gray purple or the black and those are good signs. If they start to turn that color, that means the light has hit those structures and we're starting to break down the veins themselves. Now, these veins are not operative and the destruction of these veins, we're not hurting the circulation in the foot at all. There's plenty of what we call collateral or secondary veins that will help with all the circulation that needs to happen in that area. I think I'm going to go back and just touch up a few more areas here. Let's just go ahead and do that.

There was a little bit of hair that we zapped in there. That is called the smell of success. Yeah, it kind of fries a little bit of hair, so you get a bit of a sulfur smell, I think that is to the constituents of hair there. You can see in these closeups that we're getting a little bit of redness in the area identifying some of the hemoglobin, the red element of the blood. That's what the light is being attracted to.

We are getting some good vein destruction. Again, these are going to darken up a little bit. That's a good sign. That doesn't seem like a good sign from a completely aesthetic kind of standpoint, but a good sign from what ultimately we hope to see happen. These destroyed veins get assimilated by the body very quickly. Like I said, usually in about three to seven days at most, so we'll keep these covered. You definitely want to keep out of the sun. These areas that have been exposed to this very intense light. It's very important that they stay out of the sun for at least a week, sometimes better than two weeks.

If we need to, repeat this procedure in about three to four weeks again. Again, try to stay out of the sun during all that time. It's really good to do this kind of stuff in the winter when people are a little bit more covered up. We're not wearing open toed shoes and those kinds of things, sandals and stuff so much where this treated area might get exposed to the sun. Winter time is a great time to do spider vein treatments.

Hope you found that spider vein treatment interesting. It really is a quick thing to do. We'll look to see if those spider veins are resolved here. We'll keep you posted on that. If you're interested at all in spider veins or any type of the facial rejuvenation thing, whether getting rid of age spots and all those kinds of things, that can give away our age, call for a free consult on that. We'd love to talk to you guys about doing that. Stay tuned for more videos on more procedures and other things here at Krch Aesthetic Medicine.