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25 year old male has NeoGraft in Phoenix, AZ - Restore Thinning Hair

Procedure Details

This patient from the Phoenix area was struggling with his receding hairline which started in his late teens. He was frustrated and lost self-confidence due to his thinning hair and receding hairline. Dr. Ryan Krch, NMD recommended the NeoGraft procedure with 2000 grafts. However, the patient was only able to afford 1000 grafts as he was a struggling graduate student. We also initiated finasteride therapy for this patient because the family history and early onset of thinning and receding indicated he would likely have additional issues with this in the future. We made sure the donor site had good density so if in the future the patient wanted to get additional grafts done, he could. This patient is close to the 1st anniversary of his hair transplant with NeoGraft. I ran into him recently. He was very happy with the results and wants to come back to Krch Aesthetic Medicine to get the additional grafts for the NeoGraft procedure.

Happy Phoenix Grad Student

For krch Med Spa, this was a good case to show what we could do for a hard-working patient on a very limited budget.  It was important in our procedure plan to make sure there was adequate hair remaining for future hair transplants when the patient could afford them. We also had to strongly address the high potential for this young patient with aggressive early-onset hair loss to avoid or minimize additional hair loss.  We added a low dose finasteride prescription to help minimize any additional hair loss.

Both the patient and the team at krch Med Spa are confident we have significantly reduced the impact of hair loss.  The patient notes feeling much happier and much more confident having resolved his hair concerns and is very satisfied with his results.  


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