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Thread Lift in Phoenix, AZ

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About Thread Lifts

A polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift can lift and contour areas of your face that may be becoming looser due to age, genetics, or the environment. Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in Phoenix, AZ, is proud to offer thread lift treatments as opposed to surgical facelifts. The PDO thread used in these procedures has traditionally been used in heart surgeries because it is able to help rebuild certain elements of the tissues it is placed in. A thread lift – beyond actually lifting the skin – allows your body to absorb the threads, which will stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin for longer-lasting results. A PDO thread lift can gently lift skin almost anywhere a lift is needed, such as "marionette lines" and smokers' lines around the lips. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan Krch N.M.D. to find out if a thread lift is right for you.

Ideal Candidates for Thread Lift

The best candidates for thread lifts are those who would like to refresh their appearance without surgery. Thread lifts are optimal for you if you are first noticing signs of aging or if your signs are still moderate. A PDO thread lift can help with lines, wrinkles, loosening skin, and sinking or sagging in the mid- and lower face. Ask Dr. Ryan about combining a PDO thread lift with an injectable treatment, such as BOTOX. 

Thread Lift Procedure Technique

PDO threads are available in three forms, which are chosen according to your desired result. Lift threads provide traction and gently lift the skin. Twist threads, much like fillers, add volume when they are used. Smooth threads are best for tiny, fine lines, such as smoker's lines above the lip. After Dr. Ryan has determined which thread or threads to use, your thread lift will be performed in our office. It is considered a minor procedure, and you will remain awake, though Dr. Ryan will likely numb your face with local anesthesia. Dr. Ryan will mark the entrance and exits spots for the threads on your face and then use a very fine needle to place the threads inside your tissue. By gently pulling on the threads, Dr. Ryan can carefully tighten and lift your skin. Depending on the area (or areas) of the face being lifted, your thread lift procedure may last approximately one hour.

What to Expect from a Thread Lift

With the thread lifts, you should be able to see your results immediately after the procedure. The full effect of twist and smooth threads will take about 90 days to naturally transform. Your skin should appear lifted and smoothed, and you can leave the office directly after your procedure to recover comfortably in your own home. There is very little downtime after a thread lift, though you can expect to have some redness, soreness, and bruising at the puncture points in your skin for one to two weeks. The results of your thread lift may last for about a year or longer with appropriate preventive skin care, but you might require further treatments to keep your results.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Thread Lift

How much does a thread lift cost?

During your consultation, Dr. Ryan will listen to your goals and decide which threads to use and which/how many areas should be lifted. Your thread lift expense will depend on the treatment plan designed during your consultation. At this point, we can also talk about the payment options we have available.

How are thread lifts better than facelifts?

Surgical facelifts are for those patients whose signs of aging are more significant; they lift the facial structure by actually removing loose skin and tissue. If you only have early signs of aging or moderate concerns due to lifestyle choices (previous smoking, etc.), a thread lift is the better option. It is nonsurgical and gently and subtly improves the look of your face by slightly lifting and contouring your skin. 

Will I have scarring?

You should not experience any scarring from a PDO thread lift procedure. The thread is inserted into your skin with a very fine-gauge needle, which creates an extremely small puncture. You will be given instructions after your procedure on how to care for your skin to keep it healthy and scar-free.

Can thread lifts be combined with injectable fillers?
Yes. Dr. Ryan can discuss your options with you, but thread lifts are often combined with injectable fillers and other procedures to enhance results. Injectable wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers are common additions to thread lift procedures. These additions can be especially beneficial if your signs of aging are a bit more advanced.

How natural will my results look?

Well-executed thread lifts are very natural looking. That is why it is critical that you find and use a doctor with plenty of experience. At Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE, natural-looking results based on your aesthetic goals are our priority.

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subtle, natural-looking lift with a Thread Lift

Thread lifts are able to produce long-lasting, natural-looking results for drooping, wrinkled, or loose skin. They are minimally invasive while still providing a refreshed, firmer, contoured appearance. Contact Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in Phoenix, AZ for an appointment to discuss if a PDO thread lift is right for you.

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