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Attendee Spotlight: Dr. Ryan Krch

Hear why one of our grads, Dr. Ryan Krch, chose the National Laser Institute and how medical aesthetics training can supercharge your earning potential!


Hi, I'm Dr. Ryan Krch N.M.D.. I have been doing preventative medicine for most of my career as an h-pathic physician. I started back in 2000 and then more recently, found myself as a medical director for a health spa/med spa here in Scottsdale and suddenly in need of a lot of training and one of my medical assistants that was on staff there had been trained at National Laser Institute and she spoke very highly of it. And I needed to get the certification for medical director and took the course here in February 2017. Loved the course, loved the connection there. And as we expanded services at this med spa, I wanted to get trained in these so I understood them better from a medical director standpoint and so continued with National Laser Institute and took many of their courses including the PDO threads, the basic and advanced neuro-modulators and fillers and then also sclerotherapy as well.

After just incorporating some of these procedures into my practice, my revenue was much higher and my patient satisfaction was much higher too and decided that I would shift from a preventive medicine practice into one that was a full aesthetic medicine practice. And so continued to get training here and started looking into vendors and starting my own brick and mortar practice in north central Phoenix. I really look forward to that. I very much enjoyed my relationship with National Laser Institute well beyond the courses. I have now a network of people that I can chat with about decisions about how I structure an aesthetic practice and the latest tips on how to do procedures whether they be the PDO threads or the sclerotherapy or whatever. It's been a great relationship. I've gotten a ton of benefit from it and I hope to continue that with National Laser Institute.