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NeoGraft for Dr Ryan

NeoGraft for Dr Ryan

Hi, this is Dr. Ryan Krch at Krch Med Spa here in North Central Phoenix, Arizona. One of the things I think is really important for a practitioner is that they experience the procedures that they provide to other people. I would say that's nearly true for the procedures that we provide at Krch Med Spa, for me, except with the one procedure of the hair transplants that we do.

We use the NeoGraft machine, which is an FUE machine. It's follicular unit extraction, which is where we're taking individual follicles from places where they're the most abundant and putting them into places where we can create a more ideal, more youthful hairline. So I haven't done that to date, but I have an opportunity coming up with the NeoGraft people to actually get that done.

I've consulted with Kathie Downey-Bogle, the owner of Athleticuts, a men's hairstyling and cutting salon here in North Central Phoenix, and she's recommended that I kind of include some more density up here, transfer some follicles from the back of my head to up in here to create some density. Then also to bring these hairlines down a little bit more in this area, which will also give me a more youthful line. It is not a procedure that takes a lot of follicles. What I need is kind of minimal, but I'm excited to get it done, and this is the first chapter in that story. In upcoming chapters we'll talk about the procedure itself. We'll actually film some of the procedure, and we'll look at follow-ups out at every few months and six months.

One of the things that's important with NeoGraft is we try not to look or tell the patient that they would see much in the way of results until about six months out. It just takes that long for the new follicles to grow their new hair and grow it to a length that's appreciable. So look for those upcoming chapters, other installments of this video-